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Burgandy Jurk: A Peek Under the Robe

By Vanessa Joy The current state of punk rock is debatable. Are you from the camp that fully believes punk has positively passed away? A punk rock elitist who thinks just the good punk has? A punk pragmatist who knows that the genre will thrive as long as there is an establishment to oppose? Sidebar:…

Vanessa Joy sits down with Randy Ross


PHOSPHENES: PURVEYORS OF THE TEMPE SOUND By Vanessa Joy The early ’90s ushered in what we now know as the “Tempe Sound”. Any musician and fan alike was proud to be a part of the scene that major labels began to hail as “the new Seattle”. An intangible groove flowed down Mill Avenue where the…

It’s Meant to Be; It’s INTERFATE

BY VANESSA JOY We music-hounds here at Azmusic.org got to sit down with the guys of Interfate recently. Nowhere near an overnight success, Interfate is an Arizona group that we’re all too pleased to follow as their popularity rises quicker than the outside temps. We got the pleasure of delving into exactly who this band…